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Our Learning Products & Services

ReXP specialises in the design and delivery of bespoke learning solutions tailored to individual client requirements. From company wide seminars to individual coaching and learning platforms we guarantee to deliver innovative and engaging solutions with a measurable return on investment.


Be the change you want to see.

In any service or retail business the difference between high and average performance is the leadership at all levels of the business.

Do you have managers or leaders?

Business Planning and Control

Know the numbers that drive success.

Does everybody in your business know the numbers that drive personal and company success?

What gets measured gets done – are you measuring the key numbers that drive store success?

Service and Sales

Products and price makes you a player – service wins you the game!

Customer service in the UK is at best average – the biggest opportunity in the market is the business that uses service excellence as their USP.

Does your passion for service help you stand out over your competition?


Building Great Teams

People x Passion = Performance

People are not your greatest asset; it is the relationships between your people that is.

Great teams do not happen by accident. Great teams outperform others every day because they have been built that way.

Maximising Performance

Maximising the potential of teams and individuals.

You can no longer carry average performance in any retail business, if you cannot change the person, change the individual!

Your role as a business maximiser – are you helping your people to be the very best they can be?


Happy Customers

"This was quite simply the most interesting and relevant training event I have ever attended; and I have been on a few.

Director, High Street Optical Stores

"Kevin showed himself to be incredibly knowledgeable about sales and sales development. He also showed himself to be an excellent facilitator, achieving excellent results across all the programmes he delivered.

All in all the programme was a great success and Kevin was central to the success."

Marcus Jenkins, Head of L&D for International Insurance Group

"ReXP provides; a highly realistic (rather than theoretical) approach to Training and Development in a retail arena and this carries through into all of the material the way it is delivered."

 - Chris Howarth, Head of Professional Recruitment, Specsavers

"Their approach is truly collaborative, they spend time really understanding our business and the challenges we face - a style that brings about a very high degree of success in terms of content and delivery style, but more importantly, real, tangible results back in the workplace."

 - Mark Stables, Global Head of L&D, Specsavers

"I found this programme THE most beneficial yet. The staff have been rejuvenated in their motivation and it's wonderful to see individuals coming up with ideas on how to create positive impacts on their specific KPI's that they are responsible for.

Unbelievable and inspiring!"

 - Director

"My business partner and I were inspired and motivated to move on and sort out our own business plan making it realistic and in line with the current climate of our town. We were given the tools and easily implemented them into practice.

Within 6 weeks we have had a 12% growth in sales, increased our number of sight tests per week, increased our conversion by 3%, and increased our sales per dispense by £25."

 - Store Owner

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