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Our Approach - How We Do It

We focus on the five essential building blocks that provide retail success.


Planning & Control

Sales & Service

Building great teams

Maximising Performance

Our approach to learning is to make it fun, engaging and memorable.
This is what sets us apart.

We work with you, to understand your business goals and challenges.

ReXP builds programmes in partnership with you to work towards clear and measurable outcomes. This may involve challenging each other and the way the business thinks and works. It is done with the goal of achieving the results you require.


We are experts in retail and service.

ReXP understands retail and we are able to get to the underlying causes of underperformance and to develop solutions that get results. All of our facilitators and coaches have worked in service and retail. We don’t use scripts we just use our knowledge and experience.

We develop innovative and engaging solutions.

As different people learn in different ways, we use a variety of interventions and techniques to create interest and to appeal to all learning styles. We also believe that learning should be engaging and fun, therefore we design bespoke solutions which leave participants wanting to continue to learn, develop and grow.

Retail Experts
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We deliver measureable return on investment.

At the start of the process, we identify the outcome that is required in partnership with our clients, and agree what success looks like. What gets measured gets done and what adds real value gets real attention.

We offer cost effective solutions.

ReXP delivers some of the best value learning and development in the UK, and we are committed to continue to do so, whilst still delivering excellent quality.

We develop tools and materials that provide on-going value and impact without costly support, and we offer large group solutions that provide excellent value for money.


Delivered by experts in retail and service.

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